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Are you at the turning point and need help finding motivation to get off the couch and get fit? For me, it took waking up one morning and looking at myself in the bathroom mirror and not recognizing myself anymore. I told myself “NO MORE!” and sat down that day and started setting goals for myself.

The key to finding motivation to stay on track is to figure out your “Why.” Why do you want to lose weight? Get fit? Eat healthier? Sit down with a piece a paper and pen and start jotting down all the reasons you should start working out and eating healthy. Is it that you want to be able to be more active with your children and in their sports? Or, possibly you are older and having a hard time playing with your grandchildren? Write down everything that you can think of how exercising and changing your lifestyle will positively affect your life. Then in a new column, start to write down all your personal fitness and weight goals. Be very specific when you start to set your fitness goals. Set a one month goal, three month goal, six month goal, nine month goal, and then a one year anniversary goal. Then I want you to start looking through magazines and find a picture of someone’s body type and shape you admire and tear it out of the magazine. Place the goals you have written out and the picture(s) somewhere in your house that you will see it often and on a daily basis, such as your refrigerator!!! Talk about deterring you from late night snacks! By taking these steps, you are making your goals concrete. You have made a firm decision and know exactly what you want to accomplish. Additionally, you are placing these goals were you will see them every day to help you with staying focused on your goals and to help hold yourself personally accountable.

Next, I want you to take a before picture of yourself in form-fitting exercise attire. As your progress each month, I want you to take a new picture on the same day of the month in similar clothes, lighting and setting. These are your progress pictures! By establishing progress pictures, which you can keep private if you choose, you can start to see how your body is starting to change. This has been a big motivation to me, as I was able to see the pounds start to fall off, my waist start to get smaller, and my muscles started to become more defined. You can also share your progress pictures on social media sites to show people your progress and in turn you will be amazed at all the support you will start to receive from friends and family. This could be another way to help you stay motivated and to have your inner circle help you to stay on track and accountable.

Lastly, find some really good workout music to help you get pumped up and to get through the rough spots when training. I found a list on Fitness Magazine “100 Best Workout Songs” that I think you will love. The songs are broken up into categories, such as Best Power Up Songs, Best Motivating Songs, Best Songs for Strength Training, and so forth. If you will go through this list and create you a workout playlist, you will definitely be motivated to work out because it will make it fun and you will actually look forward to putting on the headsets and zoning out for 30 minutes to an hour.

I hope this post helps you get kick started into motivation and gets you off the couch! Until next time…..Live STRONG. Live HEALTHY!


As I began to move through my weight loss journey, I learned how crucial nutrition is not only to be healthy but also to help melt the pounds off.  I was consuming mostly boxed and processed foods on a daily basis and was never even taking a glance at how many calories or grams of fat I was consuming.  I have never been a huge eater, but I was not paying attention to what I was putting in my mouth.  As I was conducting research, I found some amazing and helpful sites that helped me transform my pantry and transition into a much healthier lifestyle.

The first thing I started to learn is how to read food labels.  I was clueless on not only how to read the labels but also to know what to look for to avoid.  The How to Read a Food Label was super helpful to me.  It tells not only what the labels mean but also what you should be consuming and what your daily requirements should be.

Then I moved on to what types of foods I should be eating and provided the most beneficial impact to my body.  I spent hours and hours on the computer reading articles and there was one specified diet that was repeatedly mentioned, the Mediterranean Diet.  As I dug deeper into this diet, I realized that there were so many scientifically proven test results that individuals who consumed mostly foods consisting of the Mediterranean Diet had a longer life expectancy and less heart disease related illnesses.  I bought a couple cookbooks and started experimenting with the recipes and I have to say I’m hooked.  The diet consists of all natural foods that you cook in season.  This diet reinforces the concept of clean eating as the majority of the recipes I found consisted of cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables.  There are two sites that I found most beneficial and that were my personal favorites.  What is the Mediterranean Diet by Old Way and Mediterranean Diet: The World’s Healthiest Diet? by Eating Well.  These two sites are jam packed with information to get you started on converting your pantry staples, recipes, and information on the diet.  There are numerous good reliable sites available that contain information so if these two sites are not to your liking then by all means find one you prefer.

The last area I would like to discuss is portion sizes.  The portion sizes we consume now have gotten way out of hand, both in our homes and in restaurants.  The correct portion size rule is that each serving be no larger than the palm of your hand.  If you are filling your plate with more than that, you are consuming too much food.  When you go to restaurants, I would suggest you only eat half of what is on your plate and ask for a to-go box to take home with you.  You definitely are getting your money’s worth when you eat out, but you are paying for it in your waistline!  Also, a lot of restaurants are adding healthy low calorie options to their menus.  If you do not see this option at the restaurant you are at, ask the wait staff what would be their healthiest option.

I hope you have found this post beneficial to you and you continue to pursue your journey in living a healthy lifestyle.  My next post will be on finding the motivation to get off the couch and music that will help to get you pumped up!  Until next time…Live STRONG. Live HEALTHY.

My Weight Loss

As this is my first blog, I wanted to share my personal journey with you to help you understand that you are not alone in your pursuits to lose weight, get fit and live healthy. My journey started almost three years ago. I was overweight and depressed. The pounds added from having two children, not exercising, and not eating a balanced diet really took its toll on me. When I finally looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself, I knew things had to change.

I started out by conducting research on nutrition and slowly started to change my diet. Within a week or two, I started to work out in the privacy of my home. I was just too ashamed to go to the gym and for people to see how overweight I was. As time passed, I started to have more energy, feel better, and the depression started to subside. I became more motivated and determined as each day passed.

When my journey began I was in a size fourteen, I am now in a size zero. You may think to yourself, well a size 14 isn’t that bad. For my height and body build, I am extremely petite, it was a bad thing. I was considered borderline obese. I now feel like I am in high school again and I truly have no limitations.

Becoming healthy has become so much of a passion for me that I decided to get certified in personal training to help others accomplish their goals as well. I have learned so much over the past three years that I feel it is my duty to share my knowledge with others. I can honestly say to my readers, “I have been there and bought the t-shirt.”

So until my next post, which will be on nutrition, ….LIVE STRONG. LIVE HEALTHY.

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